DANCE OF POLARITIES, Vol. 2 : »Allowing Surrender, Finding Clarity«


A 5Rhythms Workshop (Level: Waves) w/ Tom R. Schulz (GER) and Laila Wodtke Nissen (DK)

June 08/09, 2024, Hamburg
Sat 12.00 to 18.00 h
Sun 11.00 to 17.00 h
Kyodo Dojo, Mendelssohnstraße 15 B, Hamburg-Bahrenfeld
Early bird rate (until May 15): 195 EUR, after that 230 EUR
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Deep down in ourselves, in our core essence, it is always easy to allow surrender and find clarity. Yet both states oftentimes are overshadowed by the ego and obscured by old, sticky conditioning. Intuitively, instinctively, we do know how to tap into these blissful qualities in which we feel so much better and wonderfully balanced. Conscious movement of our body, as practiced in the 5Rhythms developed by Gabrielle Roth half a century ago, can help us move away the roadblocks that keep us from accessing the precious simplicity of pure surrender and crystal clarity.

The willingness and ability to surrender to the flow of life, combined with the skill to steer our boat consciously and wisely through this journey of our earthly existence with all its unexpected turns and challenges, seems like the golden recipe for a happy, healthy, holy life. Our well being depends on it. If we want to live creatively with those polar qualities, the 5Rhythms practice comes in handy. Deepening the embodiment especially of the first two rhythms, Flowing and Staccato, empowers us to stand tall in our truth and to oversee our ways with the eyes of the Heartmind, and at the same time to gently and ecstatically let life in all its splendour enter our system.

The 5Rhythms offer a wonderful, road tested method to wash our soul free from the stains of the ego (at least temporarily) and to make our true colors shine anew. Our dance practice is at home in countless places all over the world and the coolest (and most heartwarming) thing on earth. Let us play and explore surrender and clarity by dropping deep into our resources, giving them all kinds of shapes and expressions and letting them unfold in new and magical ways.

Whilst this workshop does not require any prerequisites from its participants, it is the follow-up to the initial cooperation between Tom and Laila earlier this year in Hamburg. Their workshop »Dance of Polarities« in February 2024 held so much more when it was over that they felt the immediate desire to deepen the teachings and experiences for both people who attended Vol. 1 and others who join only now. Hence »Dance of Polarities, Vol. 2«. 
This workshop will be taught in German and English.

Laila Wodtke Nissen:
Is a certified 5Rhythms teacher by Gabrielle Roth (USA 2007-08), psychotherapist MPF, woman-centered coach and facilitator, ed. with Dr. Claire Zammit PhD. and trained physiotherapist. She has been teaching 5Rhythms since 2008 and brings a present, grounded, embodied and playful energy to the space. Her mission is to create a healthy and heartfelt connection to the embodied self, others/community and our planet. She lives in Aarhus, Denmark.
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Tom R. Schulz
Certified 5Rhythms teacher (Waves, Heartbeat) and translator of the three books by Gabrielle Roth, the founder of 5Rhythms, into German. Tom has been leading a weekly 5Rhythms class in Hamburg since August 2001, that is for over 22 years, and also teaches a few workshops a year at home and abroad. He is married and has four children.


08 - 09 jun 2024


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